Port Coral’s Health and Safety Code, marine safety guide from the Belize Port Authority ( and Belize’s occupational health and safety laws, provides our Workers and Stakeholders with an ample amount of guidance to keeping them safe and healthy once there is an interaction with our port. Our aim is to also synchronize our code continually with the ISO-45001 once operations commence in 2024. This will allow us to remain internationally compliant with Marine health and safety standards.

With the spread of Covid-19 Virus worldwide, Port Coral have incorporated strict Covid-19 measures which meets the World Health Organization and Government of Belize’s health and safety standards. From the commencement of construction, Port Coral has implemented social distance, facial mask, hand sanitization and temperature check protocols at all its work sites: office, marina, staging area and island. Until such time WHO/CDC change their mandate, Port Coral will continue to uphold the strictest health and safety protocols which will be installed at all buildings which includes washing stations at the entrances. The port can be isolated from the mainland id health or security issues dictate.

Unlike any other services in Belize, Port Coral will include MEDIVAC services for major cases where the patient can be airlifted to the international airport for further transfer internationally, or transfer by sea or land within 10 to 15 minutes to the mainland health facilities located throughout Belize City; both private and pubic.